Jarrot Mansion

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Jarrot Mansion Project, Inc.



Jarrot Mansion Project, Inc.

Jarrot Mansion Project, Inc. is a citizen-based, not-for-profit organization that has contributed countless volunteer hours providing advocacy and awareness for programs and projects at the Jarrot Mansion. The Jarrot Mansion Project, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt (501(c)(3) organization whose goal is to see the Nicholas Jarrot Mansion restored and open to the public.


The Jarrot Mansion State Historic Site is located in the historic town of Cahokia, Illinois.  Cahokia is the oldest town on the Mississippi River, originally founded in 1699 by French Canadian priests as a mission to the Cahokia and Tamaroa Indians.   The village evolved into an agricultural and commercial center during 18th century.

Colonial Cahokia State Historic Sites

The Jarrot Mansion is one of four historic sites in the community.  The Cahokia Courthouse State Historic Site and the Holy Family Parish Log Church are, like the Jarrot Mansion, located on First Street in Colonial District of Cahokia.  The Martin-Boismenue House State Historic Site is located south of the other three in Prairie du Pont, a “suburb” of Cahokia founded in the 1750s.

Directions and Contact InformationCahokia, Illinois

The Jarrot Mansion State Historic Site is located near the intersection of Illinois Route 3 and Highway 157, and is just minutes from downtown St. Louis. For further information or to schedule a tour, call (618) 332-1782.

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